Here is the 2013
 Reunion Update

We had a great time at the 2013 Binghamton Broadcasters Reunion.

We set a new record in attendance, and in paid buffets.

Thanks for everyone who attended and participated.

Scroll down to a link showing some picture and a summary of the Reunion from our friend Scott Fybush, and North East Radio Watch.

The day started at the Bundy Museum Annex, the home of the Southern Tier Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Eleven broadcasters were inducted into the Hall of Fame. In person to accept their award were David Mitchell, Frank Penny, Warren Haas, Ted Baer, Phil Jacobs, and Don Webb.

Accepting for broadcasters that have passed away were Jacque Fishler and James Wilson (Jack Fishler's children), Janet Cook and her sons (Clark Cook), and Gino Riccardelli (Shirley Riccardelli).

Mike Weinstein of the Bundy, and Tom Shiptenko of the Southern Tier Broadcasters Association made brief comments.

At 530pm, the activity moved to the Binghamton DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton for the Broadcasters Reunion.

During the early visiting/cocktail time, a series of video clips from Binghamton Television’s early days was projected. The video was produced by Bob Joseph.

A series of “Wish I Could Be There Messages” from former Binghamton Broadcasters started off the formal part of the evening.

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John Davison of WHWK was there with his family and friends to receive the
Audio-Technica Working Broadcaster award, presented by Glenn Pitcher and Paul Kaminski.

Mary Lou Dimmick presented the Pioneer Broadcaster Award to Wanda Swinamer, who was surrounded by RVSA family and friends.

A highlight of the presentation was a video clip of Wanda and Igy from the Mr. Willoby and Igy TV Show.

Through the efforts of the Bundy Museum, an audio recording of Roy Swinamer singing a Christmas song from the show was retrieved and played at the Reunion.

Recognition of Mr. Willoby was made as well, in the person of Sue Phillips, the daughter of Mr. Willoby, Dick Kirby.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the newly created Bill Parker Excellence in Media Award, which was given by Bill Parker to Edward Herrmann who was in attendance to accept. A clip of his work was shown.

Edward Herrmann is a nationally know actor, commercial spokesman and voice over guy.

Edward Herrmann was gracious to pose for pictures throughout the evening.

Special thanks go to Scott Phillips of Scott's TV, FYLP of Binghamton in arranging the visit of Edward Herrmann.

Click Here for is a link to Edward Herrman's career

The Special Achievement Award was given to Ann Marie Courtney by Doug Mosher.  Ann Marie was accompanied by her husband, and by Rita French.

Dana Potter was announced as the winner of the Living Legend Award, which was presented by long time friend and co-worked Carl Wall. Dana was accompanied by his family and friends, who came to Binghamton to share the presentation to Dana.

The Broadcaster of the Year Award was given to Barb Mack. Barb has been involved in broadcaster since she was a little girl, and has made a career of on-air and radio sales.

Her mother Anne and others from the family were in attendance.

Special recognition was made to Barb's dad, Bill Mack.

The event could not have happened without the special help of the DoubleTree Hotel, and the Steering Committee, especially Jeff Olin and Village Train and Hobby, Bob Huckabone who did the video production and Doug Mosher who was a great help as the video/sound man at the Reunion.

Bob Huckabone is selling DVD's of the 2013 Hall of Fame Induction, as well as a DVD of the 2013 Reunion, and the Binghamton Broadcast Memories  DVD (The Bob Joseph Collection). 

The DVD's are $30 each, which includes shipping and handling.
Checks should be made out to Huckabone Media Services, 660 Walker Road, Endicott, New York 13760.

During the evening, we made an attempt to acknowledge as many broadcasters and friends. With over 200 people in the audience, we missed a few. For that we apologize, and rest assured it was not intentional.

Among the guests were members of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, Scott Fybush (and his 2013 Tower Calendar), Jack Shay and Betty Casey selling copies of the By-Gone Binghamton Book, and authors Peter Kanze and Bill Jaker.

Scott Fybush, who also publishes, and North East Radio Watch has  acknowledged the reunion on his website.

Scroll down for a summary and pictures on the reunion:

Click Here for the Scott Fybush Summary

And last but not least, we'll be posting pictures on the reunion website.

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Or, you made upload them to the website directly. Send a note for a password  to obtain access.

Thanks to everyone who attended, and those who helped make the Reunion a success.

By the way, if you're read this far, check out the 2013 Attendance list on the website and make sure your name is there. If we missed you, let is know:  

And thanks again to everyone.