Lost Broadcasters
There are a number of Binghamton Broadcasters that we'd like to invite to the 2015 Reunion and we've lost track of them.

Some e-mail addresses may have been lost or changed, and we need to get those corrected.

We have no contact information for most of the people on the list.

In some cases, we know where to find alumni, but we have been unable to obtain e-mail addresses.

If you know the where any of the following might be, please let us know at rayross@yahoo.com.

An e-mail address would be ideal, but we'll settle for a city and state address, or phone number.

If there is someone who you think we should be on our master invitation and update list, let us know. There are lots of broadcasters that we've probably missed

Missing Broadcasters

Alan Kent (WKOP)
Adrian Smith (WENE)
Aaron Fallon (WBNG)
Al Jones
Amy Joseph (WKOP)
Amy Plutino
Anne Jarmea  (WKOP)
Andrea Kramer
Andrea Andreassen (WEBO WAAL)
Andrea Michalenicz (Channel 12)
Andy Francis WINR, WCDW)
Angela Jensen
Al Tarbox (WKOP)
Banana Queen
Barry Dukes (WENE)
Barry Shapiro
Bernie Fionte
Bill Francis WNBG)
Bill Kimble (deceased)
Bill Knudson
Bill Stringer
Bob Jarrett (WMRV)
Bill Taylor
Bob Lindquist (WAAL)
Brian Frampton
Brooks Sanders (WENE)
Bob Black
Bob Jarrett (WMRV)
Bob White
Carol Santacrose (In Albany)
Carol Brown (WENE)
Charlie Brown (WENE)
Chris Palmer
Chris Whalen WICZ
Chuck Carney (WENE)
Chuck Conrad
Chris Palmer
Collin Wood
Dan Comparetta
Dave Canfield (WINR)
Dan Doughtery
Dan Ryan
Dem Jones
Denise Ratliff
Denny Alexander (WINR)
Derrick Black
Dick Bascom
Dick Kane (WINR)
Diane Chapman (WINR)
Diane Thomas
Don Fox
Doc Wells (WAAL)
Don Daniels
Double D
Doug Courtright
Dr. Bill Rogers
Duane Neely (WENE)
Ed Walker
Elizabeth Wakton (WINR, WSRK, WSKG)
Eric Dino
Erica Boyd
Frank Randal
Frank Krepps
Gene George (WENE)
George Thomas
Gerry Martire (found)
Gordy Birdo (WNBF)
Grace Charles (WICZ)
Guy Nichols (WENE WHWK)
Hank Strong (WENE)  (found,no e-mail response)
JJ Pado (WMRV)
Jane Lombardi (WEBO)
Jason Weinstein (WICZ)
Jim Connal (WENE)
Jack Morse
Jay Brooks
Jay McCarthy
Jay Michaels
Jack Michaels
Jay Roberts
Jackie Shea (found)
Jerry Twigg
Jerry Wilcox
Jim Ashberry (Channel 12) (Found, will be attending in 2013)
Jim Littleton (WENE)
Jim King
Jim Kapp (WKOP)
Jim Stevenson (WENE)
Joe Baddder (Equinox)
Joe Columbo
Joe Lake (Channel 34, WINR)
Joey Logan
John Deutzman (Channel 34
John Docalavich (WNBF, WKOP)
John Francis (WAAL)
John Gunning
John Scott (WINR)
John Simmons
John Smith
Johnny Rap
Jon Bruce
Joy Crandall
Julia Sansom (Channel 12)
Justine Burke (WNBG)
Jessica Kadlub (WICZ)
Jon Gunning (Clear Channel)
Karen Hasby (WSKG)
Kate Thornton WICZ
Kevin Smith (WINR)
Kristie Houston
Kirsten Johnson (WICZ)
Kiersten Mathieu
Larry Epstein
Larry Estepa Channel 12
Larry Sparano WICZ
Laura Mills 
Lisa Weeks (All)
Julie Ross (Channel 34)
Len Stuart (WENE)
Lisa Dunn
Lisa Prentice (WAAL)
Laura Mills (found)
Maddy Hayes (Channel 12) (In Oneonta, e-mail returned)
Mark Wheeler (WENE)
Matt Johnson Town Square
Matt Markham (Channel 12)
Michael Wilson (WINR)
Nancy Tiff (WAAL)
​Paula Garrell (Channel 34)
Paul Bismark
Pat Parish (WENE)
Phil Markert (WINR)
Randy Rudick
Rich Palmer
Rita Martin
Rick Stone (WAAL)
Rob Cain (WAAL)
Roberta Haber (WAAL)
Rob Robinson (WSKG)
Robert E. Lee  (WNBF)
Ron Allison (WENE)
Ronnie Sloan
Roy Sova (WBNG)  (found)
Sarah Blazonis (WICZ)
Sara LaDue
Scotty Bennett (WENE)
Sharon Resultan (weather channel)
Shawn Scott (Clear Channel)
Suzanne McDonald WNBF
Stan Sebastian Swan (WINR)
Steve Anastos WKOP
Steve Cook (WENE, WHWK)
Steve Prinziavalli (Channel 34
Sue Marcus
Tad Palmer
Ted Rebel Jones
Tim Cannon
Tim Duel (WRSG)
Tim Skinner (found)
Tom T. Hall (WHWK)
Tom Hill
Tom Hannon
Tom McDonald
Tom Righetti
Tom Smith
Trisha Smith
Uncle Pete
Vikki Wood