2013 Reunion Award Winners
The winner of the 2013 Working Broadcaster Award, presented by Audio Technica, is John Davison of the WHWK. John has been at the Hawk for the past 27 years. He currently is the Brand Manager there, and serves as the mid-day host.

Through the efforts of Steering Committee Member Paul Kaminski and Audio-Technica,John will be presented with a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M50 headphones, designed for daily studio use, or for relaxing at home. 
Congratulations John.
The Steering Committee of the 2013 Binghamton Broadcasters Reunion is happy to announce that the winner of the Living Legend Award is Dana Potter
Dana has been involved in Binghamton Broadcasting since 1971, starting as a member of Explorer Post 12, sponsored by WNBF AM/FM and TV.

The Explorer Post was a launching ground for many Binghamton Broadcasters.

Starting in 1978, Dana spent an astonishing 13 years at WENE/WMRV, working Top 40, Country and Easy Listening.

From there, it was four years at WQXT (now Magic 101.7, the off to WMXW.

Since 1998, Dana has been at  Magic 101.7, currently serving as the mid-day host.

During all this, Dana has raised three kids, Joel, Justin and Emily, as a single parent.

Dana also serves on the Board of Directors of the Handicapped Childrens Association, a position he has held for the past 28 years.


This year, the Special Achievement Award is going  to
Ann Marie Courtney.

Ann Marie has worked quietly in the background since 1975,  
doing traffic, payables, and listening to jocks, sales people and other staff members complain.

Most of Anne Marie's professional life has been at the WENE group, where over the years she has worked for  six different owners, including  Merv Griffin, Julann Griffin, the Lessners, Enterprise Media, Marc Steenbarger, and Clear Channel.

Anne Marie is still at it, working at Equinox Broadcasting in Binghamton.

Anne Marie started as an intern at WENE during her senior year at Seton High School. For many of those years, she worked side by side with the Legendary Rita French.

Congratulations to Anne Marie Courtney for receiving the Special Achievement Award at the Binghamton Broadcasters Reunion.

Anne Marie will be in attendance to accept the award the night of the Reunion.


The Steering Committee of the Binghamton Broadcasters Reunion is proud to announce that the recipient of the 2013 Broadcaster of the Year Award is Barb Mack. 

Barb has been involved in Binghamton Radio for nearly 42 years. 

She started her radio career when she was 8 years old, as the co-host of  the Bill Mack Polka Show on WKOP. 

Barb's dad, Bill Surmik, established the Bill Mack Polka in 1962.  Barb is carrying on the tradition today with a weekly broadcast of of ethnic and Czech Music every Sunday morning on WNBF.

For the past 14 years, in addition to her on-air work, Barb has been an Account Executive at the WNBF group, now part of Town Square Media.

During all this, Barb has raised two kids, Ashley, now 24, and JJ who is 22.

Barb is involved with the American Diabetes Association, Civic Association, and numerous ethnic and church groups in the area.

Congratulations Barb on being selected 
Broadcaster of the Year.


The Steering Committee is proud to announce that actor, 
commercial spokesman and voice over artist 
Edward Herrmann will be attending the Reunion.

Edward Herrmann is best known for his portrayals of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the made for TV movie Eleanor and Franklin, and the sequel Eleanor and Franklin, The White House Years. Both performances earned him Best Actor Emmy nominations. 

His other work includes roles on CSI, The Good Wife, Law and Order, the Practice, and as Richard Gilmore in the Gilmore Girls.

He also earned an Emmy for his guest appearance in The Practice, 
as well as a Tony award in 1983.

Edward Herrmann spent nine years as the on camera spokesman for Dodge Trucks, and has done numerous narrations for 
Nova and the History Channel.

His movie credits include playing 
The Great Waldo Pepper and the Great Gatsby (with Robert Redford), Goldie Hawn's husband in the movie Overboard,
 and opposite Laurence Olivier in the  movie Betsy.

Edward Herrmann will be receiving the newly created Bill Parker Excellence in Media Award at the Reunion.


The Winner of the 2013 Pioneer Broadcaster Award is going to Wanda Swinamer.

Wanda has been involved with RVSA, an advertising agency that was established by Wanda and her late husband Roy.

Since Roy's passing, Wanda and here family have worked with numerous clients in all fields, including print, video and radio.

Congratulations Wanda Swinamer for receiving the 2013 Pioneer Award from the Binghamton Broadcasters Reunion.